Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch participants act as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement. 
They do not take the law into their own hands. 

What to do:  Be aware of your surroundings while driving to and from your home. If you notice anything that looks suspicious call  911 and report what you've seen. At NO time approach anyone that looks suspicious. After you are in a safe environment contact Hallie Kirkingburg at Management Trust Company at (951) 371-2727 Ext 501

Security:  Never enter your home if it appears that something is out of place as you approach you entryway or garage. Report immediately to 911 before entering your home.Check and test your security alarm systems and activate them at night.

Alert Your Neighbors:  Alert your neighbors by posting what you see, hear or report to police. Enter your information and comments below  and let us know what you've seen or heard. 

There have been multiple reports of home burglaries, unwanted solicitation and trespassing over the last couple months.Reports of a white pickup truck that may say "Charter Cable" toward the rear, has been seen in driveways and the community where Charter Cable does not service. When spotted the men ask if you reported a cable outage or requested repairs.

Riverside Interactive Crime Map

This Interactive Crime map allows users to view crime reports for Riverside, Ca area. The data represents information entered into the Riverside Police Departments system at any point in time. The database is continuously being updated.